How To Increase Your Website Speed: Complete Guide

Increase Your Website Speed- The Complete Guide
You will surely agree when I say that everyone loves a website which is blazing fast! Simply increasing how quickly your website loads can often increase organic traffic. Website speed is now a strong ranking factor because it directly impacts users and their experience. Many SEO Gurus and Pro Bloggers have repeatedly emphasised on the Website Speed. According to Kissmetrics, a 1-second...

Common Blogging Mistakes To Avoid in 2016

Common Blogging Mistakes To Avoid
When a person starts a Blog for the first time he unintentionally makes many Blogging mistakes. This is completely normal. When I was a Blogging beginner, I made many blogging mistakes that I shouldn't have done. I expect that you all might have made some mistakes in your life which you regret today. Believe me, when I say that:- Regretting is Okay! Because...

What Exactly To Do After Publishing a Blog Post

What Exactly To Do after publishing a blog post
If you're learning about Blogging and SEO then there is more than 42% chance that you do nothing after publishing a blog post. Yes! As much as crazy it may sound but many newbies (new bloggers) do nothing. They follow a tedious approach called "Publish and Pray. Publish and Pray Approach:-  After clicking the publish button they pray that their article will perform better...

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